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Our Principles

Bellevue is a great place to live, work and play.   We choose to live here because we have a safe city, excellent public schools, a great park system and wonderful neighborhoods.  We have a business climate that attracts great companies that create jobs for our residents and support municipal services by creating a strong tax base.

These defining characteristics of Bellevue did not occur by accident.  The community we know today has been built by strong leaders working in partnership with other public agencies, the private sector and the non-profit community.

We, as non partisan Community Leaders, pledge to work together to Move Bellevue Forward towards a future envisioned by past City and community leaders.  

To that end we support the following principles, which taken together will re-establish momentum and Move Bellevue Forward to become the great city we all care so much about:

  • Bellevue should re-establish its long tradition of investing in its future including critical transportation and other infrastructure necessary to support planned growth and economic development within Bellevue. Bellevue should act now to fund and design the critical infrastructure we will need in the future so that we can partner effectively with other public agencies and the private sector to achieve this vision for our future.
  • We embrace the vision set forth in both the city’s comprehensive plan and the Bel-Red plan and we support the funding principles contained in the adopted mobility and infrastructure initiative.  
  • We support Bellevue’s longstanding budget priorities supporting livable neighborhoods, public safety, funding for the arts, affordable housing, and support for human services agencies that provide the critical safety net for our residents.
  • We will take positions on important issues affecting Bellevue’s future.  At this time Sound Transit’s East Link project is a critical component for Bellevue’s future.  We support the city working collaboratively with Sound Transit, as is called out in the Bellevue’s Best Practices document, to achieve the best outcome for Bellevue, the Eastside and the region.  We support an outcome that has the best ridership, the lowest cost, the least environmental impacts, serves and protects our neighborhoods and enables the city to move forward with developing an agreement with Sound Transit to serve downtown through a tunnel.
  • We will support community leaders who embrace a progressive vision for Bellevue and will work with them to Move Bellevue Forward towards an even greater City in the future.