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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Move Bellevue Forward?

Move Bellevue Forward (MBF) is a non-partisan grassroots city-wide coalition of community leaders dedicated to a progressive long-term vision for Bellevue. We are neighborhood and business leaders interested in making this city a better place to live, work and play.  Some of us have been involved in civic affairs for years and others are new to that involvement.  For the past decade, the city has promoted progressive policies that have made the city a shining light on the eastside and garnered a national reputation as a great place to live.

Why should I be interested in joining Move Bellevue Forward?

Whether you live in a home, a condo, apartment, or a highrise, you should be interested in the future development of the city.  MBF advocates for sustainable growth, long-term economic vitality, and infrastructure investments that support a strong, diversified community. We need high quality development, concentrated in the right areas, and served by a variety of transportation options, from cars, to buses, to light rail.  In the last decade the city has put in place a number of plans to guide growth.  We support the city’s comprehensive plan, the Bel-Red plan and the principles adopted in the city’s mobility and infrastructure initiative.  We also support community leaders who embrace this vision.

What are the principles that guide Move Bellevue Forward?

MBF has several guiding principles.  We believe the city should re-establish its tradition of investing in transportation infrastructure necessary to support growth.  We favor the long-standing city budget priorities that support livable neighborhoods, celebrate our culture and arts communities, provide affordable housing, and support human service agencies that make up our safety net.

What issues are you interested in?

We are interested in issues that make Bellevue more livable and support a good economic climate.  A great education system, fabulous parks, a competitive business climate, and a safe city did not happen by accident.  These defining characteristics need to be protected.  Right now, there is a major threat by the city council’s position on light rail.  The city should work cooperatively with Sound Transit as called for in its Light Rail Best Practices report.  Mass transit is needed for the city to meet its transportation goals and 58% of our voters support the light rail line.  But the current city council majority is listening to one neighborhood and not acting in the best interest of all residents of Bellevue.  We support an outcome that has the best ridership, lowest costs, the least environmental impacts, serves and protects our neighborhoods and enables the city to move forward with developing an agreement with Sound Transit to serve downtown through a tunnel,

What is your current status?  Are you still active?

Move Bellevue Forward has successfully organized and championed a progressive voice for many local issues, namely light rail expansion and city growth.  While these and other issues are moving forward, we understand there may be ongoing challenges that will obstruct progress.  We continue to act as watchdogs, tracking these issues, and engaging them as needed.  If you feel that there is an important issue we should get involved in, please let us know.

It says you support community leaders who share your views.  Is this a political organization?

We are not a political organization.  We support community leaders who share our vision, whether they serve in elected office, on non-profit boards, neighborhood community organizations, or in the operation of their business.  We are not a political action committee but members are free to support candidates or causes that they choose.  We encourage involvement by our members in civic affairs, whether that is on a board or commission, testifying publicly, making their opinion known in a lawful manner, or serving in elected office.

How can I be assured you are a real organization?

Move Bellevue Forward is a registered 501(c)(4) organization and is a licensed corporation in the State of Washington.  Unlike other organizations, we believe in transparency. We have a board of directors, officers, and we meet regularly.  To participate in the organization, you are required to state that you agree with our statement of principles.  Our current leaders are President Sue Baugh, Bellevue businesswoman and resident of the Lake Heights neighborhood, and Vice President and former Mayor, Terry Lukens, a resident of the Enatai neighborhood.

You talk about progressive policies.  What do you mean by that and do you have to be a member of a political party to join?

Your political affiliation is a question you will never be asked.  We don’t care if you are Republican, Democrat, or fiercely independent.   In fact, our membership base is made up of people aligned with parties across the political spectrum.  We think Bellevue has long been a progressive city, no matter what political stripe you may be.  It has favored policies that make it a high quality community and it has believed in funding the things necessary to make it a great city, whether that is education, transportation, the environment or human services.  Partisan politics has no place at city hall.

What will the money I donate to the organization be used for?

The donations will be used to educate the public with factual information about the important issues that make Bellevue a great place to live, work, and play.