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2013 General Election - Bellevue City Council 

As a non-profit community organization, Move Bellevue Forward believes it is important to evaluate candidates on issues important to us. We endorse the candidates who we believe are the best to move Bellevue forward. For Bellevue City Council races in the 2013 November election, the MBF Board of Directors has endorsed the following candidates:

Lynne Robinson – Bellevue City Council Position #6

The MBF Board believes Lynne is a dedicated community servant with a history of involvement that is both broad and deep. She knows the issues we face as a city and with her extensive experience, we believe she is ready to serve on the council. 

Lynne has worked with seniors, she owns her own business, she is chair of the city’s Parks Commission, she’s been involved with education, and she has taken the time during this campaign season to meet with stakeholders, leaders, neighbors, and organizations to listen to the issues we care about and make a plan for moving our city forward.  

Steve Kasner – Bellevue City Council Position #4

Steve is also a very very long time community volunteer. In contrast to the smear campaign that is currently being run against him, the MBF Board believes that Steve brings a “what is best for Bellevue” filter to the table – always leading from a perspective of what is best for our community and doing so with the utmost integrity and ethics. 

We believe Steve will always work to represent all of us and he will vote for what is best for all of us.  He leads with his heart, has incredible passion for our city and our citizens, and will work very hard to move our city forward.